There are many factors which play into WHEN you should sell your home.  Some of the factors are: Reason for selling, interest rates, government incentives & foreclosures


If one of these Reasons for Selling applies for you, then you should call us about selling NOW.

1.  I no longer can afford the mortgage payment on my house

2. I am behind on my mortgage payment

3. I want or need a larger home (and can afford one)

4.  I can no longer take care of my home and I need to downsize

5.  I am relocating for a job


Why NOW and not wait until Spring?


Interest Rates are on the rise!  Buyers will be able to afford more now than after the rates climb.  See more on interest rates


Government Incentives: The $6,500 for exisitng home buyers and the $8,000 for first time home buyers ends April 30,2009 and those transactions must be closed by the end of June 2010.  See more info on Tax Credits 


Foreclosures are expected to be a huge factor in the amount of homes on the market the 2nd half of 2010.  Get yours sold before the influx of homes in the spring.  See more info on Forclosure predictions for 2010. 

The news media has been giving a more positive outlook on the real estate market.   Many home sellers think spring is the best time to sell a home and that means many more homes are going to be on the market. This chart shows how many more people could potentialy be adding their homes to the market based on the media reports.  That's a lot of homes! 


Why wait until the incentives are gone?